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Deltacon QS

The High Performance Concrete for Extreme Industrial Environments


Deltacon QS is a cementitious, high-early strength concrete that can be used either as a repair product or as a structural concrete. It is a special concrete with low porosity and high density, based on very hard synthetic aggregates allowing abrasion resistance several times better than 35 MPa portland cement concrete. Within 72 hours of placement, the product can be exposed to intermittent high temperature environments. Deltacon QS is durable to a variety of conditions including weathering, chemical attack and abrasion.


  • For areas which are exposed to fire and high temperatures, such as runway areas which is exposed to jet blast, oven, steelworks, metal processing industries, cooking plant, and for cement plants. It is also for areas with low temperature such as cold storage and coolers.
  • For areas which needs good abrasion resistance, such as industrial floors, hydraulic structures, jetty heads, and many areas in mining. It also for areas which needs good corrosion resistance, such as areas in food, petrochemical and chemical industries.


  • Extremely stable at high temperatures andsevere thermal cycling fromfreezing temperatures -180C to 1100°C. When exposed to the same cycles, Portland cement based concrete becomesunstable and experiences mechanical and structural failure.
  • Resistance to abrasion, erosion, impact and mechanical shock due to its low porosity and high density, which is 7 to 10 times more resistant to abrasion than Portland cement concrete.
  • Generates high strength at an early stage, with 24-hour cstrengths of 50 MPa to 60 MPa.
  • During hydration, Deltacon QS generates heat through an exothermic reaction which allows for placement in ambient temperatures as low as -18°C.
  •  Dprocess, in contrast to traditional concrete. Its unique hydratescombined with its low degree of porosity, enables Deltacon QS to withstand corrosive environments and dilute chemical solutions with pH range of 3.5 to 11 like sulphates, oils, industrial effluents and other aggressive chemicals.
    • Easy to use, just add water, mixed and placed with most conventional construction equipment. In the plasticphase, it appears similar to Portland cement concrete.Normal finishing procedures can be followed.
    • Rapid hardening, back in service if necessary within 6 to 8 hours after placing.


Mixing equipments must be clean and free from concrete buildup. Mix Deltacon QS with water 9.2 - 10% (2.3 to 2.5 litres of water per 25 kg bag). Mixing time required is 5 minutes minimum. Deltacon QS, in the plastic stage, appears similar to a firm Portland concrete.

If the specification requires joints, they should be done promptly because more than 60% of shrinkage occurs within 2 days after placement; saw cut joint must be done immediately after final set.

Like for Portland cement concrete, proper curing is essential to ensure satisfactory surface condition of Deltacon QS. Proper curing method should be chosen to be effective on actual job site condition (either application of wet burlap, water spray, plastic sheet or any other appropriate means). The curing should be ensured in both cold and hot ambient conditions.

Cold weather installation : Provided that the fresh concrete is prevented from freezing until heat evolution begins, curing temperature can be as low as -18oC. Depending of additional admixtures utilized, the time to reach this exothermic reaction can vary from few minutes to several hours.


Deltacon QS has a shelf life of 12 months if kept in a dry store in the original, unopened bags.


                                       Physical Properties

Aggregate size

≤ 12 mm

Working time

1-3 hours depending of admixture use

Setting time

3-4 hours depending of temperature


Mechanical Properties ( Indicative Data )

Water Content

9.2-10% (2.3 to 2.5 litres of water per 25 kg bag)

Compressive Strength on 100 mm cubes with 200C moist curing

6 hours after mixing

30-45 Mpa

24 hours after mixing

50-60 MPa


 25 kg zak

                             Test conducted on 50x50x50 mm prisms.


Deltacon QS may cause irritation in some direct skin contact, avoid direct contact with skins.

Mask, Protective gloves and eye protection are highly recommended during work of application.


Deltacon QS is non-flammable material.


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