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Deltacrys Super

Cementitious Crystalline Waterproof System


Deltacrys Super is a unique chemical treatment designed to waterproof and protect concrete from water penetration through pores and capillaries. As the most chemically active of the Deltacrete Waterproofing Product Line, Deltacrys Super was specifically designed to be a surface applied treatment that penetrates into fresh or existing concrete to provide a permanent in-depth waterproofing solution. Deltacrete's state of the art crystalline technology works within the substrate to force a reaction between cement particles and moisture, enhancing concrete's natural agilities. The reaction that occurs causes millions of long pin like crystals to form within the pores and capillaries of the concrete effectively stopping water penetration through enhanced hydration. Due to the catalytic nature of Deltacrete's technology, the ability to generate this reaction is continuously present, should water or moisture become present at a future date, the process will reactivate stopping all future water penetration.


  • Is a one time only application for the life of the concrete.
  • Is user friendly and easy to apply.
  • Is permanent for the life of the concrete.
  • Is applied from either the positive or negative side.


  • Will reactivate the waterproofing mechanism should water be present in the future
  • Will increase the durability of the concrete's
  • Will protect against cracking and spalling
  • Will stop water penetration into the concrete
  • Will provide the best quality to cost ratio in the industry


- Swimming pools - Sewage and water treatment plants
- Tunnels and subway systems - Water towers and water reservoirs
- Parking garages - Marine structures
- All below grade concrete foundations - Concrete Pipes
- Basements - Bridge decks
- Roof tops - Concrete walls and floor


Deltacrys Super is a dry powder that when mixed with water to a creamy consistency can be brush applied to concrete as a penetrating surface treatment under the following mix proportions.

  • Single Coat Brush Applied Slurry Applications : Use 1 kg per m2, mixed 5 parts powder to 2 parts water
  • As A First Coat In Brush Applied Slurry Application : Use 0.8 kg per m2, mixed 5 parts powder to 3 parts water

Deltacrys Super may also be Spray applied. When utilizing the spray application method follow the mix proportions as outlined and follow up immediately with a brush to insure that Deltacrys Super penetrates effectively into the pores and capillaries.

  • As Single Coat In Spray Applications : Use 1 kg per m2, mixed 5 powder to 3 parts water.
  • As A First Coat In Spray Applications : Use 0.8 kg per m2, mixed 5 powder to 3 parts water.

Deltacrys Super may also be Dry Shake applied. To do so simply apply the powder, spreading it evenly throughout the surface at a rate of 1 kg per m2 before power trowelling the application. This system may only be done successfully when a power trowel is used for finishing.


Color Grey
Appearance Powder
Solids 100%
Bulk density 1.16
PH 13
Rate of Penetration 2.3 mm per week
Particle size 50 – 150 microns
Water Pressure 170 m (when used as 2 coats)
Shelf Life 2 years (when kept dry)
Packaging 25 kg bags


All single coat applications : 1 kg powder per 1 m2

As a first coat : 0.8 kg powder per 1 m2

As a second coat : 0.8 kg powder per 1 m2


Deltacrys Super utilizes a cementitious base. It may cause skin and eye irritation. Use appropriate and suitable protective clothing and eye protection when mixing and or using Deltacrys Super. Please refer to Manufacturer's Safety Data Sheets for health and safety information.


Deltacrys Super powder and liquid are non-flammable materials.

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