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Deltagrout EP Injection

Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin Injection


A solvent free, two-component super low viscosity liquid based on high strength epoxy resins. Especially for injection into cavities and cracks in concrete.


To fill and seal cavities and crack in structural concrete such as columns, beams, foundations, decks and water-retaining structures.


  • Super low viscosity
  • Suitable for both dry and damp conditions
  • High mechanical and adhesive strength
  • Low creep characteristic under sustained loading
  • Non-shrink and hence ensures complete surface contact and bond
  • Hard but non brittle, high compressive, tensile and flexural strength


Surface Preparation

Surface must be clean and sound. It may be dry or damp, but free of standing water.


Pre-mix each component. Pour all the contents of the hardener pack into the base container, and mix using a slow speed (400-600 rpm) power mixer until homogeneous.


To Gravity feed crack – Pour Deltagrout EP Injection into the open crack until completely filled.

To Pressure inject cracks – Use automatic injection equipment or manual method.


Maximum crack width 5 mm

Minimum crack width 0,20 mm

Minimum age of concrete must be 28 days prior to application.


Wear protective clothing, goggles, gloves and or barrier cream. In case of contact with skin, wash plenty of water immediately and consult a physician.


When stored in dry conditions at 5 - 35 ºC, the shelf life is 12 months.


Colour Yellowish
Mix Density 1,08 kg/l
Viscosity 180 + 25 cps
Pot Life at 30 ºC 20 minutes
Tensile Strength at 7 days 28 N/mm2
Flexural Strength at 7 days 40 N/mm2
Bond Strength to concrete at 28 days 3 N/mm2 (concrete failure)
Bond Strength to steel at 28 days 9 N/mm2
Compressive Strength at 7 days 70 N/mm2
Packaging 5 kg set can (A+B)


Deltacon EP Injection may cause harm in some skin contact, avoid contact with skins, eyes and

inhalation of vapor. Protective gloves and eyes protection are highly recommended during work of



Deltacon EP Injection is non-flammable material.

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