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Deltacon RM

Cementitious Repair Mortar for Repair


Deltacon RM is a premix cementitious repair mortar, made from well graded filler, portland cement and chemical additives which produce a high strength repair mortar with smooth finished surface. Deltacon RM gives a even surface and ready to use, ideally use for floor repair works.


Deltacon RM is specially designed for locations where high compressive strengths are required and in locations where good abrasion resistance is also a necessary. Deltacon RM is especially designed for floor repair; ideal for warehouse, production area, parking area.


  • Deltacon RM has a characteristic of shrink compensated
  • Reduces and Eliminates cracks especially at hardening state.
  • Easy to use; pre packed – only clean water is needed.


Surface Preparation

Identify the repair area, saw cut or cut back the extremities of the repair location to a depth 10 mm to provide a square edge and to avoid delaminating. The substrate surface must be sound, free from oil, grease or any loose adherent material. Any loose material on repair area may exhibit poor bonding. If any, reinforcement bar should be cleaned from corrosion deposits – grit blasting is recommended.


Priming may needed to enhance the bonding of Deltacon RM substance with the substrate, Deltacrete® is providing a wide range of bonding agents, please consult for best performance.


A mechanically powered grout mixer should be used for best results; a high shear mechanical mixer should be used for quantities up to 50 kg. Before application it is better to ensure your mixing capacity and labor to be able to have continuously working method and best result.

Deltacon RM is supplied in 25 kg bag, which needs 2.5 - 3.0 litres of water per bag. Clean water is minimum requirement for best quality. Put the 2/3 of water into mixing bowl, pour Deltacon RM slowly as the mixer blend them thoroughly, pour the rest of the water to adjust your consistency mixture.

Deltacon RM has to be poured within after mixing to gain full benefit, ensure to use proper trowel method to level the Deltacon RM substance, a metal blade trowel will make a smooth finish of Deltacon RM. Deltacon RM can be placed up to 10 mm thickness in a single pour.


Deltacon RM has a shelf life of 12 months if kept in a dry store in its original, unopened bag.


Compressive strength (ASTM C942: 1999) 32 N/mm2 @ 1 day
45 N/mm2 @ 7 days
55 N/mm2 @ 28 days
Setting time 5 hours (intial set) – 6.5 hours (final set)
Fresh wet density Approximately 2300 kg/m3
Modulus of elasticity (BS 1881 part 121 1983) 33 KN/mm2 @ 28 days
Bond Strength Please use proper bonding agents for best result
Packaging and Size 25 kg Bag


Deltacon RM is not flammable material. Deltacon RM may cause harm in some skin contact, avoid contact with skins, eyes and inhalation of vapor. Protective gloves and eye protection are highly recommended during work of application.


Deltacon RM is non-flammable material.

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