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Deltamix Sprayset

Powder Shotcrete Accelerator Admixture


Deltamix Sprayset powder is a high performance powder admixture which, when added to a cement/aggregate dry mix gives accelerated set upon addition of water at the spray nozzle.



Deltamix Sprayset powder is used to provide a rapid set to sprayed concrete. This improves overhead spraying, permits thicker build in one pass and provides early support strength.



  • Rapid set allows faster build
  • Excellent for overhead spraying
  • Excellent adhesiveness, minimises rebound loss
  • Can allow spraying on surfaces subject to water ingress
  • Chloride free




Typical rate of addition is 2 to 6 kg of Deltamix Sprayset powder/100 kg of cement. The optimum rate should be found by site trials.


Deltamix Sprayset powder is added direct to the blending hopper containing the mixed cement and aggregate. The accelerator only begins to work once water is added at the nozzle.


If moisture content of aggregate is above 3%, Deltamix Sprayset powder should be added and blended immediately prior to sprying.


Deltamix Sprayset powder can be used at rates up to 6 kg/ 100 kg cement. Overdose may lead to setting before the concrete reaches the surfaces. The long term strength of an accelerated mix may not attain control strength if high dosage is used.


Any spillages should be washed with water.


Deltamix Sprayset powder has a shelf life of 6 months when stored in original unopened package



Chloride content Nil
Air entrainment Nil
Initial setting < 10 minutes
Final setting < 30 minutes
Packaging 12,5 kg pail



Deltamix Sprayset powder is alkaline and should not come in contact with skin and eyes. Avoid inhalation of dust during mixing. Protective gloves, goggles and dust mask should be worn. If contact with skin occurs wash skin occurs wash well with water. Splashes to eyes with cement slurry should be washed immediately with clean water and medical advice sought.


Deltamix Sprayset is non-flammable material.

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